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Date of sighting: Feb 8, 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Sun
Camera: LASCO C3

I discovered this photograph while looking at NASA photos of the sun. In the photo you can clearly see a cigar shaped UFO. It really makes me wonder how long NASA will keep these secrets from the public? The edges are perfectly parallel to each other. Both ends of the cigar are perfectly rounded.

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Bill Nye and Phil Plait are possible UFO Sighting Debunkers for the NSA and CIA!

The poster of this video stated, “I made this video to expose UFO debunkers to be close minded, uninformed and or afraid of the truth. If they’re not any of those three things, then they’re deliberately lying to confuse the public about this issue.”

Now we have seen Bill Nye on whenever there is a UFO sighting on CNN or talked about by Larry King and when I first saw him up there I asked myself why they would bring a small science teacher to talk about such important issues? Then he spoke and I knew…the NSA and CIA bought him off to work for them. Their goal is to keep the public uninformed about UFOs and to do this they hire some public figures. Bill Nye the NSA guy is one of them!

You have been outed Bill! You are a sell out! Where is your dignity? All that trust you built up earlier in your career is gone, gone, gone! I have been watching him too for a few years and he never even considers the truth.

Oh, and for the future info about NSA and CIA debunkers…Phil Plait the Bad Astronomer is also one of those hired by the US government to debunk UFO sighting, but instead of using science he uses cruel and rude remarks and jokes to embarrass those who say they have had UFO sighting…making the eyewitnesses feel ashamed and embarrassed…emotionally forcing them to keep their silence. Phil Plait became once worked for Science.com which looks like a corporation that the US formed to Debunk UFO sightings. Thats right, Science.com and all its sister sites (lots) are may be owned by the US gov and they are using these sites to discredit any UFO sighting or alien info that makes it to the world news.

Source: http://www.ufo-blogger.com/

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European Space Agency Releases Alien Skull On Mars Photo To Pubic, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2011
Location of sighting: Cydonia Region, Mars

Look at this amazing skull of an alien species found in the Cydonia Region. If you do not know the Cydonia Region of Mars perhaps you have heard of my greatest discover over 34 years ago…the first known face on Mars. Yeah thats right, I (Scott C. Waring) have been doing this a long time but this skull I am posting today was not my discovery.

The discoverer is the European Space Agency themselves! They posted the photo on Flickr for the world to see. I love the openness and honesty of the Europeans compared to the closed secrecy of the American CIA and NSA who control NASA.

A colour perspective view showing a naturally ‘skull-shaped’ formation located in Cydonia region. The image shows a remnant massif shaped – at least somewhat – like a skull. Image recorded during orbits 3253 and 1216 by the High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on board ESA’s Mars Express. Image is based on data were gathered over the Cydonia region, with a ground resolution of approximately 13.7 metres per pixel. Cydonia lies at approximately 40.75° North and 350.54° East.

Source photo at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/europeanspaceagency/5058957153/in/photostream/
Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin (G. Neukum)

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UFO sighting on CNN News of UFOs in sand storm cloud over Phoenix, Arizona, video.

Date of sighting: July 6, 2011
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The CNN news helicopter filmed several UFO’s during the sand storm in Arizona. The sand storm had a length of 50 kilometers.

These amazing pictures from the United States show UFOs flying through a wall of dust moving through the city of Phoenix in Arizona. Sandstorms like this happen during the region’s monsoon season, which is underway. They occur over desert land and can reach thousands of feet into the air, spurred by strong winds. The dense cloud dramatically reduced visibility, grounding flights at a major airport and leaving thousands without electricity.

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Jet chases UFO across sky, Sweden UFO Sighting of May 2011, video.

Date of sighting: May ?, 2011
Location of sighting:, Goteborg, Sweden

A Swedish YouTube user who calls himself ‘Cosmicstartraveler’ has been regularly filming UFO footage in the vicinity of his place of residence, near the city of Goteborg in Sweden.

Around two weeks ago he managed to film a glowing star-like UFO above a local lake, Harlanda Tjarn, popular with Swedish amateur fishermen. The UFO seen in the video below moved behind the clouds and though very distant at first, gets closer and closer as the witness continues to film.

Not long after noticing the alien craft a military plane is seen and heard in the vicinity. According to the witness the plane is definitely chasing the UFO, or at the very least observing it up close.

UFO sightings are fairly common in Sweden and recently the Swedish government released what it claimed were all of its previously classified UFO files. Many were disappointed at the quality of the files and insisted that Sweden was holding back the more compelling documents on the topic.

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UFO sighting at Pakistan Base on TV News as craft shoots past the camera, May 2011, Video.

Watch this news footage taken May 2011 as militants stormed the Mehran naval air base in the southern city of Karachi, starting fires and setting off explosions. It triggered gunbattles with commandos inside one of the country’s most heavily guarded military installations.

At .39 seconds and .41 seconds into the video you will see UFOs. First at .39 seconds there appears to be a mouth like opening at the very top of the screen only and then its gone and at .41 seconds a black metallic looking UFO appears at incredible speeds.

It appears that aliens are observing military actions, but why? Most likely so they can report to others of their kind and thus predict whats coming in the future more easily.

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Brett Anthony from NBC Action News caught UFO Sighting right alongside the moon, May 17, 2011 News Video.

UFO Sighting Date: May 17, 2011
UFO Sighting Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Kansas City, MO — Just before 10 p.m Brett Anthony from NBC Action News caught a strange object flying right alongside the moon. The object was captured on a time-lapse camera, but he is not quite sure what it was! Brett rules out that this strange craft could have been the space shuttle Endeavour since it had passed at 5:00 a.m. and this object was spotted before 10 p.m. the night prior .He goes on to say that that he didn’t think it was an airplane or helicopter ,however if anybody does know what it may be to contact them .Christa Dubill jokes that it may have been Harry Potter, but Brett says that isn’t likely. They continue to joke together that something may happen to them if they find out what it is because the flying object may be” top secret “.

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Fox News Records UFO Sighting over Lafayette, Colorado on March 21, 2011, Video.

Credit: Fox 31 KDVR NEWS UFO Sighting.

Strange red lights: UFOs in sky over Boulder Co.?
LAFAYETTE, Colo. — A man in Lafayette shot some video this week that he thinks may show some UFOs in the sky over Boulder County.

Leroy Vandervegt’s son, Nick, saw three red objects in a kind of triangular formation Monday night (March 21) at about 8:30 pm, so Leroy got out his video camera and shot them to record what the both of them were seeing.

Note: Glowing orbs changed color to red at same time.

“I don’t know what they are,” Leroy Vandervegt told the Boulder Daily Camera. “All I know is that I had no idea what it is. It wasn’t a satellite; it wasn’t an airplane; and it wasn’t a helicopter.”

He says the three lights moved slowly and they didn’t blink. They stayed in a triangular formation, but the shape of the triangle changed.

Officials at Denver International Airport didn’t have any comment about the lights.

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration says his staff didn’t see anything out of the ordinary that night.

Leroy posted his video on YouTube, and it has received several thousand hits so far.

There were reports of the same sighting from at least three other people.

One commenter on YouTube says that while he wants proof as bad as everyone else, he believes the three red lights are hot air candle balloons.

Doug Wilson, Colorado state director for the Greeley-based Mutual UFO Network, which works to learn the origins of UFO phenomenon, told the Camera it’s unusual to receive multiple reports of the same sighting.

His group planned to send investigators to the scene.

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UFO Sighting recorded on BBC News Interview Nov 3, 2010, see video & photos.

UFO sighting location: BBC News Broadcast
UFO sighting date: November 3, 2010

At first you will think that these lights are reflections. That’s what I thought as I was watching, but something made me keep looking at them. Keep watching. At 2:30 they move out of line and drift in a way that cannot be a reflection.

Also note that there is a flashing light (small) to the left of the line of larger lights, and also a small light to the right, which later joins a larger light (easier to see in higher def on BBC website).

Possibly even MORE dramatic – there is also a flat white line in the sky just above the horizon which changes into a dot and then dances around! This was filmed by the BBC in Dublin early this morning. Am I crazy?? This is from the BBC!

I would consider myself a skeptic, but this is just very odd. The BBC has not shown the interview again, but it is still on their website. I added some music which I think is appropriate. Look at it a few times and see what you think. Most of the action is towards the end (aside from the one near the horizon line which turns into a dot and moves around).

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