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Mass UFO Sighting During Lighting Storm Over Bogota, Columbia on June 21, 2011, video.

Date of sighting: June 21, 2011
Location of sighting: Bogota, Columbia

Watch this UFO footage that has been slowed down and zoomed in on. We can clearly see that during a thunderstorm there were UFOs over Bogota. The biggest question that most UFO researchers usually ask is, “are they causing the thunderstorm?”

Translation states:
“Finally from Bogota in Colombia share the images of a sighting of a UFOapparently a triangular that would have allowed to see it June 21 (2011). The images in night vision and normal vision NightShot show numreosas lights arerevealing about the city at night.”

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Location of sighting: Bogota, Columbia
Date of sighting: March 2011

This amazing footage was shot in Bogata a few weeks ago. It looks like the camera is using some kind of filter and I believe it is the filter that allows the camera man to see these unique orbs as they fly around.

Also note that the camera can see and record more detail that the human eye is capable of, meaning it can see things that we cannot.

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