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Ancient Alien Skull Photos RELEASED, Carbon dated at 1200 AD. #ufosighting

An alien survivor from a prehistoric saucer crash? An unfortunate time traveler from the future? A tradesman from a parallel universe? A hitherto undiscovered species? Or a mere freak deformity of a human being? Nobody knows for sure, but no matter the explanation, the Sealand Skull has potential to change the view of the world we live in.

The July 2007 discovery of the skull in Olstykke on the Danish island Sealand did however not make headlines and remained largely ignored by science until 2010. The researchers who in 2008 examined the skull at the Veterinarian High School in Copenhagen merely concluded that although resembling a mammal, certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.

Dug up during the replacement of old sewer pipes, the finder at first believed that it was some horse bone, as the house formerly belonged to a horse butcher, and the garden is full of remains. It was not until refilling the trench that he noticed its humanoid shape. Later excavations at the site have not uncovered further remains with connection to the creature, only identifiable animal bones, stone axes and other Neolithic tools which are common to the area. The fact that the skull was found among Neolithic remains does however, not reveal its age. Carbon 14 dating at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen has shown that the creature lived between 1200 and 1280 AD. Furthermore, the skull was found above the old pipes, whose age suggests that it wasn’t buried until after 1900. Also the absence of other skeleton parts of the creature, together with the skulls state of preservation, has led the scientists to suspect that it has not been buried for long, probably only a couple of decades.

Perhaps to conceal the secret behind its existence someone stored it for ages and later deliberately buried it. It is interesting to note that residents in Olstykke and nearby villages have from former times told about a local member of l’Ordre Lux Pégasos (the Order of Pegasus Light), whom accordingly on behalf of the order protected various items among them a mysterious cranium and several devices made of extraordinary light, albeit unbreakable metal or ceramics. The skull is said to have originated from the Balkans, but it has also been stored in Paris, France, and in Munich, Germany, before arriving in Denmark.

If the story holds true, it is possible that further research may lead to the whereabouts of alien artefacts. It is plausible that l’Ordre Lux Pégasos still keeps objects as well as insights into their origin and purpose. Little is known about the order however, except that it was established around 1350 and throughout its existence has counted influential poets and authors among its members. Among the prominent initiated were Giovanni Boccaccio, William Shakespeare, Réne Descartes, Thomas Jefferson, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Ambrose Bierce, Karin Boye, H.G. Wells, Julio Cortázar, Joseph Heller, Octavia Butler, Aleksandr Solsjenitsyn and Ahmed al-Baghdadi. One can wonder why the task of preserving alien artefacts and knowledge fell upon an order solely consisting of writers, but the very name of the order does hint at one or more guests from the Pegasus constellation, who for some time lived among us and brought us vast knowledges and inspiration. The secrecy of the order however suggests that humanity is not yet ready to share the Pegasian knowledge.

The Sealand Skull is about one and a half times larger than a male Homo sapiens cranium. Especially the eye sockets contribute to its size. Its smooth surface reveals that the creature was adapted to cold climate, and its relative eye size that it was either a night creature, lived underground or on a planet orbiting a remote or dim star, probably an orange or red dwarf. It is noted that the star 51 Pegasi in the Pegasus constellation was the first Sun-like star known to have a planet. Planets orbiting the Pegasus star HR 8799 were the first to be directly imaged, and spectroscopic analysis of HD 209458 b, another planet in the constellation, has provided the first evidence of atmospheric water vapor beyond our solar system.

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image1043012215.jpgUFO sighting over Volcano in Chile of diamond purple craft, Dec 15, 2010.

Sighting Location: Volcano Villarrica, Chile
Sighting Date: Dec 15, 2010

I was leaving work and took a quick look at a volcano cam for a few minutes and caught sight of this pink-purple diamond cloud over the volcano. I thought it strange and assumed it would move away with the smoke from the volcano. The smoke blew to the right of the volcano continuously, but the diamond craft did not move.

I have seen such UFOs above the volcano near Mexico City, Mexico, but this cam in Chile is much better in that it has live video, not the still shots every 5 seconds that the Mexico cam has. I should have taken a short video but as I said before I was leaving work and had plans, giving me no time to record video.

The Chile Volcano cam is at: http://www2.sernageomin.cl/ovdas/ovdas7/webcam_villarrica.html

Someone left a comment that I faked the sightings earlier. Why would I do that? First this is time consuming on my part to find the sightings on live cam and second I usually give you the cam address so you can see it too? I sometimes (four times) announced the UFO sightings while it was happening on Facebook & Twitter and even told 3 other UFO sights and directly mailed to a head MUFON investigator who sometimes emails me about info. Sure I wrote some books, but I did it because I love to write, just like I do now reporting UFO sightings. Oh, and on Twitter over 10 people confirmed the live UFO sighting over Los Angeles last week & over 27 people confirmed they saw it too on my Youtube channel. (I made a short video and put it up on youtube while it was happening telling them to look before it ends). Oh, and I have had a UFO sighting when in the USAF at a SAC base which involved hundreds of people and over 30 UFOs. That is why I do this.

image703547265.jpgUFO Sighting of Two Discs over Santa Cesarea, Italy, amazing photo, Dec 14, 2010.

Date of Sighting: December 14, 2010
Location of sighting: Santa Cesarea, Italy

Was watching a Internet cam of Italy when I caught two disc like objects in the sky. The cam only has a photo every 5 seconds or so so its not live video, but it is close. The two discs were gone when the next photo came up, but I managed to capture a screenshot.

If these UFOs are over the buildings along the beach, then we can assume the craft are about the size of a car. Use the windows int he building for comparison.

This is not the first time I have caught a UFO here. A few months ago I caught several gray metallic disc that appeared to hover over the water just 20-30 meters away from the building that these same two UFOs are over. I made a video, sorry, it was one of my first and I did it poorly, so forgive me for the music and no tripod.

Cams at http://www.webcams.travel/webcam/1240265957-Weather-Santa-Cesarea-Terme-Santa-Cesarea-Terme

image801181964.jpgAwesome UFO sighting of cloaked craft in cloud over Brooklyn, New York, see photo & video.

Date of sighting: November 2010
Location of sighting: Brooklyn, New york, USA

In this video the person captured a UFO cloaked in a cloud. This is clearly a classic disc shape with windows along its edges. Were aliens trying to send a sign to the people of New York again? Several possibilities exist here. First is that this is a cloaked ship, what they call a mothership. Second this is a cloud made by aliens to be aware of looking up and for things that will come soon. Third, this may be a product of PROJECT BLUE BEAM. This project is one that uses lasers and other equipment to project objects in the sky.

I believe it to be the first. See the full video for yourself before you decide.

image698393188.jpgUFO Sighting of black Orb Following Jet Until Landing at JFK, Dec 9, 2010, Video.

Date of sighting: Dec 9, 2010
Location of sighting: Unknown, possibly JFK airport.

I was watching the news on the internet about pilots of passenger jets complaining about green lasers blinding them while they are flying, but at the beginning of the video I caught sight of a round orb like object following about 1-2 meters behind the Tail. This object moved slightly up and down and just as the planes wheels hit the ground and the video was about to cut off, the orb seemed to begin to move upwards as if it were about to fly away.

Sadly this video only has about 5-6 seconds of this sighting. I sure would love to get my hands on the full video before it was cut off.

I am certain that a lot of people will call it an antenna, but passenger jets usually do not have antennas are not 2 meters long, invisible with a basketball tied to its end. I have analyzed the tails of many different passenger jets on google, yet found none of them having antennas or attachments of any kind.

This orb that is following the tail of the jet would be about the size of the passenger windows, but that is my assumption. Dec 9, 2010 is the date the video was released, but I noticed it on Dec 10, 2010.

In a time when air safety is so high that TSA even frisks toddlers for explosives, how could something like this be following so closely and not be noticed. Perhaps it was to close to show up on radar of the plane? Making the airport radar image appear as if the UFO and jet were one.

Source video: http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/laser-hazards-for-pilots-landing-planes-23407336

image1224547667.jpgUFO Sighting in Argentina Caught by Child with camera, Nov 24, 2010, video & photos.

Well, while the world is constantly shocked by the news of NASA’s amazing (NOT) bacteria and WikiLeaks a little boy in Argentina recorded a UFO from his cell. Rasquetti Gustavo, a local child Mortgage says she saw a UFO hovering over the housing complex. The news was publish on the site: Infocanuelas.com this December 1st (2010).

On Wednesday 24 November (2010) after watching the TV

levis Gustavito prepared to close the window of his room when he saw a light “strong and white, color moments, which made wave motions.” Furthermore,”was a whisper like a bee.” That was for two minutes, crossing from one extreme to another in the neighborhood until it vanished at high speed. Many reports in the neighboring cities were told to police about people some strange lights observed on the same day in the Ensenada and La Plata areas.

Watch the Video:

image1167361954.jpgUFO Sighting News : UFOs Photographed Over Parker, Colorado, USA November 21, 2010, Photos here.

According to eyewitness “It was still light out but the sun had just begun to set and I was driving home. I saw a bright light in the sky above the trees in my neighborhood.

I pulled over and started taking close up pictures thinking it was Mars. When I zoomed out I saw three bright lights in formation and hovering. Then another white light rose from the horizon with two smaller lights. All orb shaped and bright. They stayed in the same place for several minutes and then slowly left one at a time following each other.

As they changed direction I could see the front had two bright white lights and the back two red lights. In continuous shot mode I finally got a close up of the last craft as it was moving away. I then thought “Got ya”. Don’t know what it is but I got a picture of it and two short videos of them hovering. It looks like a small Star Ship Enterprise.

Credit: http://www.ufo-blogger.com/2010/11/ufos-photographed-over-parker-colorado.html

image400934812.jpgTwo UFO Sightings of same craft over JAPAN in same week, Nov 27, 2010, photos.

Date of sighting: Nov 27, 2010, 11:23:09
Location of sighting: Asahi/Chiba, Japan

I was watching a live web cam of Japan and saw this strange disk cloud in the distance. It was smack dab in the middle of the screen and next to it was a contrail of sorts, like something a rocket might leave after shooting off. It was then that I noticed the other objects in the photo. The orange orb in the upper right of the screen and the bright white object in the lower left of the screen.

I took a three screenshots and latter that day noticed the same UFO craft on a Taiwan UFO website. The difference between this craft and the other was very small. Both were in Japan. Both were taken this week. Both had other glowing objects near them. I quickly tied the patterns together and realized these two craft were one and the same.

Note: Google Earth says Chiba is 249 miles from each other, or 400 Kilometers away.

Below is the TUFOS (Taiwan UFOlogy Society) report & Photos. Please compare them to the above report and photo

Date of sighting: Nov 10, 2010
Location of sighting: Tenri, Japan

Dear friends

We were strolling in the farmland in Tenri City, Japan on November 19, 2010.
The wife pointed at the sky when I was taking a picture of a helicopter at 4:00PM.
I have not understood the meaning. I went so that she was near. And, I looked up into the sky.

A cloud glowed by the sun. I turned the video camera on. It had a solid shape.

A reflection often can be done by taking a picture of the sun, but It was seen the reflection of the sun when seeing with the unassisted eye. However, it was not a reflection! It existed in the air.

The shape changed gradually. I took a picture of it for several times over a few minutes.
I returned to go home, and I saw looked at the images. Then I noticed a shining small thing that rapidly moved around a white cloud.

Two pieces in that video showed it turn 180 times. There was a translucent convex lens that passed over the camera.

I am examining this image.

Kiyoshi Amamiya & Yuki Amamiya

Source: http://www.ufo.org.tw/?pn=view&id=059fp733ii6c

image1016810729.jpgDate of sighting: November 17, 2010

Location of sighting: Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

I was watching a live NASA cam and noticed three orb like white objects around the top area of the space shuttle launch pad. These objects did not seem to move in the video and I am uncertain if it was video or photos that updated every 10-30 seconds. Either way, I saw no change in their positions. I watched, but the cam position changed so that all I saw was a close up view of the lower part of the shuttle. The orbs were no longer visible with this new viewing position.

I Googled the shuttle info and found that the shuttles launch was delayed on Nov 3 due to a fuel leak and cracks on the space shuttle Discovery’s external tank. This is suppose to be the Discovery’s last voyage, but am uncertain about this fact. Launch was now set to 30th of November.

Perhaps it is possible that the Discovery was having periodic visits from UFOs and this caused NASA to worry?? Further investigation is needed.

Scott C. Waring

image1734189582.jpgNASA Astronaut Tracy Dyson on ISS takes photo with UFO in background.

I was surfing the net and went to visit BoingBoing & Gizmodo where I found an short article about the new ISS (International Space Station). In the photo you can see a relaxed Tracy Caldwell Dysonwatching the spin of the Earth far below. It is truly an amazing view of our world and its great beauty.
In the photo I noticed an anomaly in the far left of the photo. This strange object can be seen penetrating though the upper atmosphere and slightly move into space.
I cropped the UFO and posted it on Gizmode under their article, some of the response were this:
1. Goop on the glass.
2. Vader’s shuttle, going to check out the shield generator. (Personally love this one.)
3. Long space ship.
4. Maybe sprite lighting.
5. Don’t know but Look at original photo, here.
Well, I looked at the original photo and it was so dark you could not see the girl, so I did the same thing Boing Boing did and altered Exposure only. That made this object in the atmosphere stand out even more than at their web site. This object now looked like a long object with a ball at the end. Still, at this point I have no answers, just a NASA photo and a UFO in its background. I guess I will file this away with the other hundreds of such NASA photos I have seen on the Internet over the last decade.

Source: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/11/16/astronaut-watches-th.html
Source photo: http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/1011/cupolaview_iss14_big.jpg