Woman in Blue Springs, Missouri has UFO SIGHTING and records video of orange glowing craft, July 3.

Date of sighting: July 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

“Sharon Brown is out on the front porch of her Blue Springs, Missouri home a lot.
She’s always been fascinated about the sky, but Sunday night was different.

I was running a quick errand and I was pulling the car out of the garage,” Brown recalls. “I didn’t even turn the car off because I seen this strange thing in the sky going by. It was going from south to north.”

She ran upstairs to get her camera, then struggled with the tripod legs to keep the object in frame.

Sharon says she rolled on it for four minutes.
“It did not drift like a Chinese lantern does, or a Mylar balloon. And it wasn’t a firework,” she says. Her partner Lori saw it make a 90 degree turn, and they both say they saw it turn black and disappear in a cloud.

“I just wanted it to be still, you know, and quit moving so we could really get a good shot of it,” Brown said. “But you can only get so close up with a Flip cam.” Sharon and Lori have been back on their porch every night this week with their Flip-cam, hoping to see it again.
So far they have not.”

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