CONE HEAD Alien Face Found On Mars On Google Mars, Has Long Cranium UFO Sighting News.

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Date of discovery: July 7, 2011
Location of discovery: Google Earth
Person who discovered it: Scott C. Waring

Hey guys I did it again. I found another face last night on Google Mars. I opened the 2D Google Mars and hit the (visual) button because it is normal back and white view and found this face within a few minutes. This Google Mars is the 2D version not the 3D version. I find that the detail is different. This face looks perhaps Egyptian or African. The long cranium of the head could be either a crown like hat or the actual shape of the cranium of their species.

I thought that some people would have difficulty seeing it so I colorized the face so that it stands out more from the rest of the picture, however the original is untouched below it.

Source Google Mars (Visual Version):

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