UFO Sighting of Triangle over Moscow, Russia at Yuri Gagarin Square (first man in space) June 3, 2011 VIDEO!

Date of sighting: June 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Moscow, Russia

This triangle UFO was seen flying over Leninsky Prospekt in Moscow, Russia. The building is called Leninsky Prospekt. It is a Moscow metro station where passengers board subways.

The strange thing you don’t see in the video is that the Metro Station (Leninsky Prospekt) has two entrances, interlinked with subways on the east side of the avenue for which it was named and with exists also to both sides of the Yuri Gagarin Square. Do you remember who Yuri Gagarin is? He is only the first human in space back in April 12, 1961.

I can see why aliens would be interested in a place named after the great Yuri Gagarin. They want to see how the world celebrates and commemorates their great heros. Throughout the Yuri Gagarin Square there are many statues of him and his personal jet he once flew is there. The entire place is a tribute to the man and his great achievements. That is why the UFO was there. Aliens wanted to see how we saw our first man in space.

By Scott C. Waring-UFO researcher.

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