UFO Sighting in Chile was labeled meteor by skeptics, however new video shows a 120 degree turn! Looks like we got better evidence that the skeptics got!

Date of sighting: May 28, 2011
Location of sighting: Puerto Montt, Chile

This UFO was recorded back in May 28, 2011 and was thought to be a meteorite by many who tried to debunk it. The object was seen flying toward the volcano…the same volcano the erupted a week later.

This new video was just release to the public today and shows the UFO making a 120 degree turn. Damnnnnnnn that’s one awesome meteorite right? Nope, only an intelligently controlled craft with incredible technology could make such an aerial maneuver.

Watch this video on Chile News and if you speak Spanish please leave a comment below about what they might be saying. Thanks Scott C. Waring.

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