UFO sighting over NASA Shuttle Atlantis sitting on launch pad 39, June 17 photo.

Date of sighting: June 17, 2011
Location of sighting: Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA

While watching the live NASA cam I caught a UFO flying around the space shuttle Atlantis that sits on launch pad 39. It is preparing for its last mission called STS-135 which will be a 12 day mission before it comes home, yet its launch date is set for July 8. Till then, we will look for UFOs buzzing around it.

I watched the cam a full 30 minutes to see if the object came back but it did not. The cam does not have live video but instead updates a new still photo every 3 minutes. The UFO in the still shot looks very disk like in shape and would be about the size of a VW bug.

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