UFO Sighting in Kaohsiung, Taiwan of 4 beautiful color orbs, June 5, 2011, Video.

Date of sighting: June 5, 2011
Location of sighting: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Look at the colors and the positions of these UFO orbs. No they are not lanterns. I (Scott Waring) live in Taiwan and have seen lanterns and set them off with my son. These things are strange and intelligently controlled. Watch how one orb will rise from below then move away from the other orbs, then come back near the other orbs again. This is the second time this year we had a UFO sighting of these colorful orbs over Taiwan. He says there are 4, so I think it is the red one near the ground on the right side of the screen at :13 seconds into the video.

Person in the video is saying this and seems to be on the phone telling someone else, while he is with a girl. “There are UFOs. I see four of them. They are oval shape with a triangle tail. Go outside now and see!” Also in the video he keeps insisting that they are UFOs.

Also note; the word UFO in Chinese sounds like this “fade-ee-aye.”

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