Eyewitness: Robert
Location of sighting: Tyrrhenian Sea, Caltanisetta, Italy
Date of sighting: June 02, 2011 at 12:42 noon

I would like to thank Robert for sending this amazing photo to us at UFO Sighting Daily. He sent me a 20 MB size photo so the detail was really good. In the sky near the clouds was a few disks that were moving from left to right toward the beach from the water.

I (SCW) believe that this is not many UFOs but a single UFO moving at fantastic speeds. The most faded image of it being on the left side tells me it came from the left because the farthest right image is the most clear. I am a bit in awe over this photo. The UFO has a reflection from the sunlight indicating it was made of metal. Also the most clear one seems to have a cockpit in the center where a glass-like dome appears. Very amazing photos, again thank you Robert of Caltanisetta, Italy for sending them into us. I (SCW) did increase the contrast on the close up to better view the craft.

Click on photo to enlarge.

“At the beach wasting time. I look up and notice some thing weird with the cloud. I just thought i was the way the sun was reflecting on it. So I zoomed in and snapped one picture and thought no more of it. When I started going thought the pictures that I have taken I came across this one and decided to zoom in on the weird line in the cloud. To my surprise I found this. To me they are UFO’s. I have no idea what they are so they are Unidentified Flying Objects……”

Source: email UFO report to UFO Sightings Daily.

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