England UFO Sighting in the city of Wold on June 3, 2011 of flashing orange orb, Video.

Date of sighting: June 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Wolds, England

The video was sent by Paul, an avid skywatcher from Wolds, in Great Britain. Recently, he was scanning the skies over his home, and saw something unusual… an interesting flying object that did not appear to be a conventional object.

Paul related to me via e-mail that the object seemed to appear out of nowhere, they could not tell what direction it came from, nor did they ever hear a sound from the object. Paul grabbed his video camera and shot the footage you see below. I think you will agree it is quite interesting.

About 30 minutes after the sighting, two helicopters appeared in the sky. They could hear the copters well before they could see them. Paul has no idea what the object he filmed is – maybe you will have an idea.

He has sent me approximately a minute of a four minute film. Paul has taken film and photos of objects before, and believes the Wolds area is quite active with UFOs.

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