Alien Dome City Found on Moons Surface, Apollo Image Atlas Photos Close up, UFO Sighting News.

Looking at the Apollo Moon Atlas I can’t help but notice this glass dome on the moon. I found it in two consecutive NASA photos (links at bottom). This glass dome is the most detailed and most beautiful I have ever seen.

Look at the mirror like reflection of its cover. It looks like it is reflecting the surface around it to actually look like part of the surface (camouflage). There is no way of knowing if this dome city is still inhabited, only NASA will know that, but that…is a matter of national security as they call it, and thus cannot be released to the public. So much for a “government of the people, by the people, for the people,” Lincoln would be saddened at todays government.

In bottom photo, far left.

Next to and almost touching the glass-like dome is a face of an old man. Can you see it? Coincidence…I think not.

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