Massive UFO or new mini sun in orbit around our sun, 3.6X bigger than Earth, UFO Sighting News.

I checked the SOHO images, a project by NASAand the ESA. Todays image showed something very unusual. There was a large object near our sun, which leave only two options.

1. A UFO mothership is harvesting something from our sun.
2. The sun spit out an new born baby sun!

Now look at these fresh untouched images from SOHO. Since the Earth’s sun if it were a cup could hold 960,00 Earths in their round ball form. Intereting but we are trying to find the UFOs size so lets use this; it takes 109 Earth’s if you drew a straight line from the north pole to the south.

Now if we took that UFO longways across the diameter of the sun we would get about 30 Times or it would take 30 UFOs!

Take 190 divide it by 30 and we get 3.6333…Now we have found out how big this UFO or mini sun actually is. It is 3.63 Times bigger than Earth.

I bet you, there will not be one word about this on the news, I just thought you should know whats out there right now.

Credit for images: Courtesy of SOHO/LASCO consortium.

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