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Crenulations are underground tubes: Ground fissures seem to expose a network of glassy or translucent underground tubes. The bright spot might be a specular reflection of the Sun, consistent with a glassy or plastic skin. The magnified view shows that the white lines are bands that appear to wrap completely around the tubes. Source: M0400291.gif.

‘Dolphin’: A second familiar shape from the aquatic area of cydonia. The shape just below the ‘dolphin’ image shown may be a companion dolphin.

‘Nefertiti face’: One needs to study this image with an excellent monitor and good imaging software to see the amazing degree of detail present. For example, even features as small as the eyelashes over the eye, visible in the artist’s inset, come from the actual Mars image, and involve no artistic license. Source:

‘Profile face’: With forehead, eye, nose, mouth, chin, neck, and ear, this profile of a face (also in the Cydonia area) shows that his nearby, more famous cousin is by no means the only significant face portrayal on Mars, or even in the Cydonia region.

‘Crowned face’: While not near the Cydonia area, this face portrayal is again striking for the richness of its detail, far better than the typical face arising in clouds or geological formations on Earth. The latter tend to be distorted and grotesque when they are more than simply impressionistic. Source:M0203051a.gif

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