Giant Building Discovered On Moon That Appears To Hover Near Crater. Video & Photos, UFO Sighting News.

I now I make a lot of post about structures on the moon. That is because I hope to teach the world the truth about the moon being an artificial structure. Why else would there be so many structures seen on it?

This structure has a shadow, not on just one side, but all sides! This could mean only one thing. This object is not sitting on the ground, but rather hovering above it a little ways. That would mean its actually not a building but a mothership. Then again, aliens who are millions of years ahead of us in technology may have buildings that are portable and able to move from place to place.

The eyewitness states:
“Spotted this strange structure on the moon. Imaged with Skynyx 2.1 on Meade 12″ telescope STC with Astronomik IR filter.”

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