Shuttle Endeavor has many orbs fly around it before fuel tank sepration, UFO Sighting, May 16, 2011 video.

Sighting Date: May 16, 2011
Sighting Location: Shuttle Endeavor separating from fuel tanks.

Now I like this sighting a lot because I too (Scott W) was watching this shuttle launch last night with my son, on live NASA link. The orbs are real, and they move making hard right angles at times. The shuttle does seem to be followed by many small orb like craft.

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Eyewitness who made the video states:

“May 16th 2011 NASA Video endeavour In space UFO sightings around it as it releases tanks. At 16 seconds look at the upside down V where the ship detached you will see a UFO in there it will move up stop for a brief sec then move left.. Then at 23 seconds pay attention to the right wing A object will come shutting out and then do a J then look at the wing at about 28 second another on will come out and do a J fallowing the other in formation!”

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