UFO sighting of two sets of long craft following comet Elenin on May 2011, NASA photo.

Date of sighting: May 2011
Location of sighting: Comet Elenin

It’s anyone’s guess what these eight objects are trailing Comet Elenin, Chinese Scientist say they could be Alien Crafts.

Translation: Now Chinese scientists say something called a globular cluster or alien spacecraft may be trailing Comet Elenin. According to the Daily Chronicle, this phenomenon was acknowledged by NASA’s Astrobiology department, “But when NASA began to make calculations and projections of orbit of the comet, they realized that something was wrong and the first thing they did was remove the website which provided information on this issue,” said Toscano. Sergio Toscano, director for Astronomical Research in Missions, claims that there may be a UFO right behind Comet Elenin. The Chinese scientists have found what they call a , “globular cluster” which could be an alien spacecraft. In the words of Toscano, the Chinese have said that the spacecraft is stationed in the same place for ninety days, “before that it looked like it was coming from an extraterrestrial civilization, ” said the Argentine scientist.

Source: http://is.gd/GPLYoF

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