Glowing UFO Sighting over Stirling City, UK that mimics Jerusalem, May 8, 2011, video.

Date of sighting: May 8, 2011
Location of sighting: Stirling City, England

This UFO sighting is similar to the one back in January 28, 2011 when a glowing white orb about the size of a mini van fell from the sky over Temple Mount. Please look at the video from Stirling UK and compare it with the video below it. The orbs are the same. The color, size, location over the land all the same.

Eyewitness at Stirling City states:

“I filmed this hovering over Stirling city. It was there for a while before I grabbed my camcorder and started filming. It just seemed to be sitting there before going down below the trees then moved to the left. It was very cool.”

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