Amazing Blue UFO Sighting shoots over Tyumen, Russia on May 4, 2011, photos

Date of sighting: May 4, 2011
Location of sighting: Tyumen, Russia

In the first video the person filmed a UFO that was highly visible at night. Often Russia will try to claim that these are missile launches, but almost all launches are done in the day. This is a fantastic capture of the UFO as it flies overhead. These specific UFOs have been seen all over the world, but mostly in Russia and China.

In the second video it is much more visible. The craft is seen to fly over the city as the confused eyewitnesses grapple at what to do.

Remember if you ever have a UFO sighting, lean against something to help steady your camera so it does not jiggle. Hmmm…

I wonder if this UFO since its glowing blue is part of the US Secret Project Aurora? It too has glowing blue UFO like craft.

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