Sweden UFO sighting of several glowing orbs flying through clouds, May 1, 2011, Video.

Location of sighting: Gothenburg, Sweden
Date of sighting: May 1, 2011, 9pm

This amazing video shows an orb that is glowing like a star, but is clearly flying below the clouds. The orbs appear and disappear or appear in one location, vanish, then suddenly appear in another. I also notice in the video there are two other glowing orbs near the ground.

The eyewitness to the event is talking as if they can hear him, as if he asked them to come. This may seem unusual but I have seen this in videos many times. It does seem that the UFOs we call orbs can hear our thoughts, feelings and words.

Take a look at this video, perhaps you have seen something similar in the sky once or you will one day. If its true that they can hear us, then negative feelings and words will not get them to appear to you, instead try unconditional positive regard.

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