UFO Sighting over Tuscaloosa, Alabama during tornado, April 26, 2011 photos.

Sighting Date: April 26, 2011
Sighting Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

I was on the weather channel the other day watching videos of the tuscaloosa tornado in Alabama that occured this past week. On one video titled “Tuscaloosa tornado”. I downloaded it to my hard drive and when playing it back I noticed some orbs at the bigging of the the film and some strange red lights in the sky at the end. They last only about a second.

This may of course be debris flying around but it doesn’t look like debris to me. I Captured 2 images from the video. One shows the 3 orbs in a triangle pattern and the other which is at the end of the film shows what appears to be red or pink light or lights. Perhaps this is the sun trying to come through but it looks strange.

Source: MUFON

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