Traverse City, Michigan UFO Sighting moving over road during sunset, April 8, 2011, Photos.

Date of sighting: April 8, 2011
Location of sighting: Traverse City, Michigan, USA

Report states:

“My boyfriend was driving up his road to get to his house and he like to take pictures of the sky. He took 2 pictures that night. This one, is the first and the second one, you see the sunset he took 3 seconds later. It was not until later that there was something in the picture that seemed to look like what is classified as a UFO.

I have always seen UFOs on TV in specials and whatnot, but this, was creepy. He didn’t get to see where it was going or what it actually looked like cause it was going so fast and he was driving. I had him send it to me though my phone and then sent it to my computer via email and I sharpened it it see the details. All I can say is that I never realized that they were this close to us.”

Source: MUFON

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