UFO sighting by a fisherman near Minamisatsuma, Japan April 9, 2011, Video.

Location of sighting: 5.43 km off Japans coast, or 11.5 km from city of Minamisatsuma.

In below photo, notice the orb reflection on the water.

I found this video on Youtube and asked they guy about it. He said the video was taken on April 9, 2011 at about 1PM. The location of the sighting was +31° 30′ 7.38″, +130° 15′ 23.54″, since they were in the ocean. This places them off the Japan coast 5.43 km into the ocean.

In the video you can see a white orb in the background. The orb seems to rise from the water and is not the moon since the moon on this day was only about 23% of a crescent and not a full moon. This UFO seems to rise from the ocean depths and rise up into the sky.

I noticed while watching his video that the orb has a reflection in the water at 31 seconds into the video until 32. If you pause the video you may see it. This seems to indicate that the orb is much closer, perhaps 1.5 km off from the boat.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

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