UFO Sighting using Google Sky map of Alien Cubes in Space, MUFON Reports.

Source: MUFON.com reports
Reports as follows:

Below is a close up view.

“Hundreds of city sized cubes not camera blemishes. On one of the cubes it I found what looks like a flying saucer. You can see an intake port on top of it. It also looks like some of the cubes have big windows, with lots of blue ionized lighting.

On some other cubes it looks like they have pipes with elbows, its not natural. It is my belief that most of the U.F.O.s sighted come from these cubes. I can give you the RA & Dec on them, if you want to look into this.”

As an example of what the person reported above, I am putting a video that is similar to his statements, so that you can see how its done and what UFOs are out there.

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