A UFO Over Iguazu Falls, Argentina on Feb 19, 2011, Video Here.

Ariel Suarez in an exclusive interview with La Voz de las Cataratas described what he saw and recorded with his cell phone early Wednesday morning in the vicinity of the Santa Rosa district: a zigzagging object in the heavens that subsequently vanished.

Suarez, 29, was enjoying the warm evening with his girlfriend around 2 in the morning on Wednesday when they noticed a light moving in the sky. Reaching for his cell phone, he recorded the object, which changed colors and zigzagged. “The image lasted about a minute, and then it vanished in the sky as though something had absorbed it,” Ariel told La Voz de las Cataratas.

His video clearly shows the object moving in the sky over Iguazú on a moonlight night. It can be seen on the La Voz news screen.

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