UFO Sighting over Volcano Villarrica, Chile of Pink Diamond Craft, Feb 5, 2011, photos.

Sighting Location: Villarrica, Chile
Date of Sighting: February 5, 2011

Looking at the live Chile cam right now I see these images that I am posting right now. In the upper left hand corner of the screen is a UFO in a diamond shape. The sun is hitting it just right causing the cloaked shields to reveal themselves, not to the human eye but to the digital eye.

Crap, its gone! Just now before my eyes. The UFO is no longer there. I have seen such things flying above the mexico city volcano called Popocatepetl. I can’t believe this thing was so clear and then the next image that came up was…nothing. Very odd, but figures. Those things don’t stick around for long so when you see them, get a screenshot. I took 3 screenshots and will show them here in order.

Please help the UFO community and keep an eye on this cam at the below site. Just make sure you post your UFOs you catch on Twitter or youtube. Thanks. Scott C. Waring

Volcano Villarrica: http://www2.sernageomin.cl/ovdas/ovdas7/webcam_villarrica.html

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