UFO Sighting over Grand Canyon, Same UFO As Mt Wilson Feb 3, 2011, photos.

Date of sighting: Feb 3, 2011
Location of sighting: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Below photo is complete.

While looking at the live cam (only photos no video sadly) of the Grand Canyon I caught this UFO, and I have to say was a bit surprised that it was the same UFO that I caught a few days earlier at Mt Wilson Observatory on Feb 2, 2011. Yes it does sound coincidental, but I took screenshots so that you can compare them. I did not alter anything not exposure or contrast. I left everything as I have found it.

This photo was taken a few minutes after the above one. No UFO, but sunrise starting.

Below are Mt Wilson Observatory photos of Feb 2, 2011. Similar to above photos.

The Grand Canyon photo is taken by the National Park Service and I was hoping to see the shadow of the mountain that looks like a face again, but when I turned on the cam this is what I found instead.

Note, that this was taken during sunrise. I have said this a lot, 75% of UFO sightings take place at sunrise and sunset due to the sunlight hitting the cloaked vessel from a different position causing a reflection of light off the craft. If you want to see a UFO, that is the time to spend looking.

I don’t report these because of my book I wrote. Don’t buy the book. I report these sightings because nobody else will. I discovered the face on Mars when I was in first grade (35 years ago), I can’t stop. I notice things others do not. I have an eye of a hunter but my prey is the unusual.

Source: I used ipad app “Sunrise Cams.”

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