Amazing UFO Sighting of Grey Disc at Prince Rupert, Canada, Jan 31, 2011, Photos.

Sighting Location: Prince Rupert, Canada
Date of sighting: January 31, 2011

I was looking at the Prince Rupert live web cam and saw these photos in its archives of just a few hours earlier.

In one of the photos you can see the UFO is disc shaped and has a orb like haze around it. This photo is very interesting because you can see the grayness of the metal that the disc is made from. Also note that throughout the last century, photos of UFOs often have a haze around them making them often appear blurry. Perhaps this is a shield of some sort to hide the craft from human eyes, but the cam can see beyond the human spectrum.

In the next photo the UFO has morphed into an upside-down bowl like object. The color is darker than the first photo but it hovers in the same location. It is my belief that UFOs often hover to better observe life below, much like the UFO over O’hair airport a few years back.

The UFO is no longer there in below photo.

Prince Rupert Live Cam:

Source: Scott C. Waring/UFOlogist

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