UFO Sighting at Belgrade, Serbia of Octopus like craft, Dec 21, 2010, photos.

Location of sighting: Belgrade, Serbia
Date of sighting: December 21, 2010

I was watching a live cam of Serbia and quickly noticed the odd octopus like object in the sky. This cam was using ir (infra red) tech so it is capable of seeing things the human eye will not normally pick up.

This is a very active cam and I watched for three minutes as the long legs of the craft just disappeared. The UFO did not ever move left or right but only sat there.

Another strange thing, as I watched I noticed the street was not active, then as a car started moving around the craft had begun to vanish before my eyes. Even though the long legs of the object seemed to vanish, the head of the craft remained. It was there for a few minutes more then was faded away like its legs had done earlier.

The craft kind of looks like those odd creatures in the Matrix movie that were chasing everyone.

Cam is located at: http://www.webcamvue.com/default.asp?webcam=Ud9gQc7SIPNl

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