image193113003.jpgUFO Sighting in Daytime over Wexford Bridge, Ireland Caught on Cam, Dec 16, 2010.

UFO sighting Date: December 16, 2010
Sighting location: Wexford Bridge, Ireland

Watching the live web cam of Ireland I noticed that the still photos of a half hour earlier caught what looks like an odd shaped UFO. This craft seems to have several colors in it. I looked at the next photo to see if it was in any others and found what looks like the same craft again, but this time the UFO looks 30% cloaked from view, but you can still see the other 70%. The coincidence that theres two UFOs were flying over the bridge at just a few hours apart must mean that they have a high probability of being the same craft.

First photo was taken at 12:50 Noon on Dec 16 where the next photo was taken on the same day at 15:11 PM (3:11PM) Just 2 hours later.

The live cam these were found at is at: