image745489238.jpgDate of sighting: December 9, 2010
Location of sighting: Geisenfeld/bayern, Germany

I was watching the live cam of Germany. I liked it because it looked like it had switched to night vision in black/white mode and that will often allow the viewer to see things that are cloaked, like UFOs. I had not turned on the cam for more than a few seconds when something was caught in the middle of the screen. A disc like object that was at a perfect 90 degree angle as if it was coming or leaving the water area.

After I took the first screenshot, the next screen came up and the object was gone. This can is not updated more than once photo every 4-5 seconds. I scanned the next screenshot for a splash or water spray in the air, but there was nothing. The object was gone and I was unable to tell if it was entering or leaving the water.

I have heard about underwater UFOs and even seen some real videos of them but I never expected to see one on live cam. So I guess, cams with views of water areas are also hide possible UFO entrances and exits. Why not right? If they can travel in space, water should be a piece of cake. Easiest way to hide an alien species, underwater or under ground bases.

Germany cams at: