image483591429.jpgUFO Sighting Caught by Accident on Live News Cast, Dec 5, 2010, video & photos.

Some KY3 viewers caught something we missed on a KY3 News at Six live report in Nixa, Missouri by Chad Plein. A mysterious light shined over the corner of the screen. This was on air on Sunday, 5th December 2010. More info in the video!

This is amazing and was caught by the news reporters while doing a live interview in Missouri. Since it was all caught by accident no one can say it was staged or made on purpose, since it was the viewers that noticed the UFO.

In the upper right corner you can see a large disc like cloud suddenly appear, then a glowing ball flies down at an angle. I really wish there was some person in that area that could go back there and investigate this sighting further. There may be more evidence left behind like markings or landing marks on the ground and such.