image1167361954.jpgUFO Sighting News : UFOs Photographed Over Parker, Colorado, USA November 21, 2010, Photos here.

According to eyewitness “It was still light out but the sun had just begun to set and I was driving home. I saw a bright light in the sky above the trees in my neighborhood.

I pulled over and started taking close up pictures thinking it was Mars. When I zoomed out I saw three bright lights in formation and hovering. Then another white light rose from the horizon with two smaller lights. All orb shaped and bright. They stayed in the same place for several minutes and then slowly left one at a time following each other.

As they changed direction I could see the front had two bright white lights and the back two red lights. In continuous shot mode I finally got a close up of the last craft as it was moving away. I then thought “Got ya”. Don’t know what it is but I got a picture of it and two short videos of them hovering. It looks like a small Star Ship Enterprise.