image527152546.jpgUFO Sighting over Hills, North Carolina caught on live web cam Nov 27, 2010.

Date of sighting: Nov 27, 2010
Location of sighting: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, USA

While watching a live Internet cam of Kill Devil Hills, I noticed an unusual object over a street light. This object was about two times bigger than the cars driving by. This object only hovered past for a minute and then moved away. There is no way that his UFO was a cloud because clouds do not come so low that street lights will light them up at this location. Clouds never come this low and I am sure you can see that in the day time image. In the back ground day image, you can see the hills are very low and there is no way the lights were upon the hill causing this object to appear. There is a red ball on the right side of the monument, but that is cause by a tall antenna on the hill I believe.

When looking at the shape of this UFO it amazing me still further. I suppose shape matters little when it comes to such advanced technology. Still I do wish I had caught this craft in the day.

Cams are becoming the #1 tool of UFO researchers around the world, just google “UFO, cam,” if you do not believe me.