UFO Sighting recorded on BBC News Interview Nov 3, 2010, see video & photos.

UFO sighting location: BBC News Broadcast
UFO sighting date: November 3, 2010

At first you will think that these lights are reflections. That’s what I thought as I was watching, but something made me keep looking at them. Keep watching. At 2:30 they move out of line and drift in a way that cannot be a reflection.

Also note that there is a flashing light (small) to the left of the line of larger lights, and also a small light to the right, which later joins a larger light (easier to see in higher def on BBC website).

Possibly even MORE dramatic – there is also a flat white line in the sky just above the horizon which changes into a dot and then dances around! This was filmed by the BBC in Dublin early this morning. Am I crazy?? This is from the BBC!

I would consider myself a skeptic, but this is just very odd. The BBC has not shown the interview again, but it is still on their website. I added some music which I think is appropriate. Look at it a few times and see what you think. Most of the action is towards the end (aside from the one near the horizon line which turns into a dot and moves around).

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