UFO Sighting Photo On Yahoo News Today, at Volcano in Iceland, see before taken down.

UFO Sighting Date: November 4, 2004
Discovery Date: November 1, 2010

UFO Sighting Location:Grimsvotn, Iceland Volcano

I was reading the Yahoo.com news when I noticed this UFO flying over the volcano in the photo that they use. This happened this morning so if you check real quickly, you will find it too. I included the URL address so that you can see it. For some odd reason, no one has ever brought this up.

Below photo I altered the contrast & exposure only.

The photo shows a volcano with a large plume of smoke erupting out and a black classic flying saucer leaving the volcano. It is not possible for it to be a plane or helicopter, because all aircraft were grounded in Iceland at this time not to mention that being that close with a helicopter is suicidal at the least.

Amazing all around photo, plz take a look.
Source: http://is.gd/gAQIi

Perhaps you remember the UFO sighting at the same Iceland volcano back in April 2010, watch this amazing news video.

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