UFO Sighting and Radar Confirmation Force NASA to Move Space Station, Oct 25, 2010.

An UFO (unidentified flying object) has forced the ISS crew to move the space station 500 meters higher than it was. This object was on a direct collision course according to computer simulations and the only course of action was to move out of the way. Apparently 500 meters was the safe distance chosen.

NASA tries to lie about the UFO calling it instead a fragment of space debris. They stated the following:

The space station would take 180 seconds to manoeuvre to an orbit around 500 metres higher than its current one, the spokesman told the agency.
The mission control centre said earlier that the fragment of space debris of unknown origin was extremely unlikely to collide with the ISS, with experts calculating around a 0.001 percent chance of a direct hit.

“A decision has been taken to correct the flight orbit of the ISS. The engines will be switched on at 1425 Moscow time (1025 GMT),” a spokesman for the mission control centre outside Moscow told the RIA Novosti news agency.

Source: Yahoo News

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