UFO Sighting of large Saucer cloud over Seville, Spain on Oct 20, 2010, see photos.

UFO Sighting Date: October 20, 2010

Location of Sighting: Seville, Spain

Time: 09:47:12

People living in Seville, Spain got a rare treat on the morning of Oct 20th when a large flying saucer outline was seen in the Seville sunrise.

This craft seemed semi transparent as it passed by a contrail of a jet in the sky. There was a smoky cloud flowing away from the craft as it moved across the sky.

Also one hour before this was seen and unknown black orb was caught in the sky on the same live cam.

Like I have said many times before on this blog, the times when cloaked UFOs are visible is usually at sunrise and sunset, due to the changing position of the sun on the cloaked vessel and the cloaks bending of the light rays in turn change directions. Remember the UFO cloud over Moscow, Russia (Oct 11, 2009) it was just one of hundreds around the planet in the last two years.

Source: http://www.meteosevilla.com/webcam_sevilla_list.html

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