New NY Sighting on same day, Live Webcam Captures UFO Sighting In New York of 3 Glowing Orbs at Night, Oct 13, 2010.

UFO sighting location: New York
Date of sighting: 10-13-2010

I heard of the events set to happen on October 13, 2010, and decided to do a google video search upon my return home from work. Around 10:15 pm I found a youtube video recording of a live webcam ( that captured the UFOs flying over south Manhattan.

I clicked the link provided and waited. When my boyfriend and brother came home, I told them about the video and when I switched tabs to the live webcam, bright yellowish/orange orbs appeared. They assumed various formations in non-conventional air traffic patterns. They changed brightness, size and position for nearly an hour. I don’t have video capture software but did take screenshots via the “Grab” application on my Mac. It was certainly the most interesting thing I have ever seen. We were all baffled, but excited at what we were witnessing. I grew up a US Air Force brat and have seen many many flights while living on military installations throughout my dad’s career … but never anything like this!

My screenshots are attached. I took 12 screenshots throughout the sighting, but will post the most significant three.

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