UFO Sighting over Golden Gate Bridge on Live Webcam Oct 13, 2010, see video.

This sighting was seen on October 13, 2010 and recorded by a person on youtube known as “exomedy.” In the video you can see a glowing object hovering far above the Golden Gate Bridge then all of a sudden the live cam has trouble and disconnects itself. The person reconnects to the webcam. This cam allows the user to have 60 seconds to zoom in on objects and move the cam around so you have the control.

The cam is located at http://www.abovephotos.com/

A web cam UFO may sound unusual, but UFOlogists around the globe have found these cams a useful tool in their endever to reveal the existence of UFOs.I Scott C Waring have discovered eight UFOs on live web cams and I reported them on my blogs and YouTube. In the last 10 months there have been over 65 web cam UFO sightings in locations like Italy, Mexico volcano, China weather cams and so much more. It is new tech that will in the end reveal the existence of UFOs once and for all. SCW.

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