UFO Sighting of three black probes over aircraft in Australia, see photo.

Sighting location: Australia
Date of sighting: 9-13-2010

Photo contrast altered below to help see orb.

Had only bought a new camera and was mucking around taking lots of photos as you do.The camera is a nikon coolpix 100. A plane was going past so i snapped a photo and thought nothing of it untill i put the photos on the computer. if you look above the plane you can see a disc shape ufo and there is another in the upper right corner. thanks.

Source Photo:

Bloggers Note from SCott C. Waring about above sighting. I also have taken photos of jets and helicopters. I have caught round black objects the size of a beach ball shooting down out of the clouds and sitting a split second above the plane before it speeds off almost faster than the eye can perceive, however the video put in slow motion catches it. If you film jets or aircraft, please look at your videos in slow motion because most probes move faster than the human eye can see it.

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