UFO Sighting of several dark orbs over Volcano, Mexico city Sept 29, 2010.

UFO sighting Location: Popocatepeti Volcano, near Mexico City, Mexico.

Date of Sighting: Sept 29, 2010

These UFOs were caught on the Popocatepeti Volcano live cam. The black orbs would hover in place for awhile and them move down or up sporadically. The largest orb in the upper middle suddenly disappears, but actually that photo didn’t load on my computer more than half way so I lost it. That object actually flies straight up. The images change every 15-20 seconds but I made them change every second in the video to make it easier to view.

UFO sightings near volcanoes’ are a common occurrence. Early this year, the Iceland volcano was on CNN when a dozen dark orbs were seen close up on CNN in V formation. Also at Adam’s Mountain in Washington state there have been nightly UFO sightings of glowing orbs flying from the old volcano and around the sky, Fox News even went to see for themselves and caught not one but two glowing orbs on video (ECETI).

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