Location of Sighting: Texas, US
Date of sighting: Sept 26, 2010

I’m a commercial pilot based in IAH. Yesterday (9/25/10)at approximately the same time (1620 hrs)I noticed what appeared to be an egg shaped object over HWY-59 in Tomball, TX. It did not appear to me to be a hellicopter. Occasionally it would flash a bright red (similar to a flare). I watched the object for almost 10 minutes as it went through some cumulous clouds. As it did, the clouds seemed to ‘open up’ arround it. I took photos with my cell phone, but after enlarging, I was un-able to see the object. Today (9/26/10) at approximately the same time, I was outside and noticed 5, and the 6 egg-shaped whitish/silver objects travelling in a group. Again, I took cell phone photos, but they were at such an altitude (at first approx 15,000 ft AGL, and then later 30,000-40,000 ft AGL) that they again did’nt show up. This time I had a flight attendant that was at my hous at the time, and I asked her to look at it with me- which she did, and verified that these objects were spreading out, then joining back together. As they reached a higher altitude as they floated South, they seemed to line up perfectly from North to South. They either were changing shape from round to oval, or were oval and simply wobbling. I also contacted the MUFON TX State Director as I watched them, but he was at another area of town, and could not locate them. In my opinion, they appeared to be under intelligent control. I am a military trained aerial observer. The closest possible explination would be weather balloons, but it would not explain their apparent seperation, and then re-organisation flight characteristics. PLEASE- If anyone has knowledge of balloon activity North of Houston, let me know. If anyone has the ability to enhance these photos- also let me know.

Two other reports came in from Texas on Sept 26. Perhaps they have something to do with the above sighting. 2010 and they are below:

2: Report in Texas of Sept 26
First saw a nonmoving strip of light in the north sky near an airport, which was probably a contrail illuminated by the setting sun. It began making irregular turns that a meteorite or jet would not make (S-turns followed by long straights, with abrupt reversals.) At this point, the head of the trail wasn’t visible. As it drew closer to me, it was obvious that whatever it was was a.)very high up, as no sound could be heard, and b.)moving very quickly. At it’s closest point to myself, I observed 4 lights, 3 amber in an equilateral pattern, and a fourth red, blinking light in it’s center. I could only see the lights. The middle blinked at about once per second. It then continued on a sweeping turn south, before being lost to sight when all lights abruptly turned off.

3: Report in Texas Sept 26
Saw what was reported in 25575. Noticed a contrail which I thought was strange since it was dark and no moon at the time. Very tight contrail also. Then noticed a red shape in front of it going from the north to southwest. Different shades of red, one very bright. Object was very very high up and maintained the contrail. Erratic movement while heading south then turned to the east. Still moving erratically. Lost it in the street light. Happy to see that someone else noticed it. It was not a plane.

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