Location of sighting: Washington State, US
Date of sighting: 9-18-2010

While photographing a vintage car race at Pacific Raceways near Auburn Washington, I heard an airliner climbing after take off from the Seattle airport. I looked up to locate the airliner and decided to take a picture of it.

While taking the photo of the airliner, I noticed a bright spot in the sky. After taking the airliner photo, I tried to find the bright spot. It was gone. I kept looking and saw it reappear. Aimed the camera at the spot and took a picture. The spot did not appear to be moving. Was going to take a second picture but the spot was gone and did not reappear. I thought it was a wayward helium balloon of some sort. The strange thing was once I tried to take another photo of the race, the camera’s autofocus no longer worked. I had to turn off the camera and remove/reattach the lens to get things working again. Once I got home and downloaded the photos, I checked this image closely and decided it did not look like a helium balloon. My camera is a professional level Canon with a high quality telephoto lens. Canon 1DMKII with a 70-200 2.8 telephoto and a 2x extender giving a total of 400mm. I have the series of photos showing the airliner, the bright object and the empty sky plus one where the focus failed.


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